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To Glorify God and Enjoy Him Forever

              Reformed Baptist Church of Northern Colorado

We meet Sunday morning @ 8:45 a.m. 

7493 Old  Mill Trail Boulder, CO 80301

1689Confessional    Gospel Driven     Christ Centered    Family Friendly    Maturing in Love    Reformed Worship     Weekly Communion     Expository Preaching     Liberty of Conscience

What Should I expect during my visit? 

This is a great question.

Worship Service

The morning service begins at 8:45. We have an order of service that we follow each week. We generally sing psalms and hymns from the Trinity Hymnal Baptist Edition to a piano, but sometimes we have inserts. We have deliberately chosen not to add a lot of new technologies to the service for a variety of reasons, and you can be assured we do have reasons for this, reasons that we love to share with others. Because our worship is more historically Protestant than contemporary, some feel like it is an imposition if they have children who are noisy. We do offer a nursery through 36 months of age. But we do not have "Children's Church," because we believe that children need to learn how to worship God with the whole congregation. It is as much for them as for anyone else. We want all ages to be near to the means of grace so that God might be pleased to use the means he has promised to save them, and so that they might come to learn how to worship our great God with the whole body of Christ in the local church.

Morning Worship: 8:45 AM *

Sunday School: 10:45 AM **

Sack Lunch Sunday: after church (first and third Sundays of the month with singing, prayer, and teaching)

Fifth Sunday: Pot-Providence Lunch

* Nursery is provided

** We have Sunday School classes for children of all ages.


Between 10:15 - 10:45 we have snacks. We share this time with the other church we share space with. There is coffee, lots of munchies, juice, and best of all, great conversation to be had. All visitors are invited to join us for this time of food and fellowship.

Sunday School

At the present time we have one Adult Sunday School class. We are going through the book of Revelation. We also have a class for preschoolers, elementary, middle and high school, and a nursery for infants.

Sack Lunch Sunday

We recently switched our Sunday Evening service to a sack lunch Sunday. This is every other week. It is much less formal than the morning service, which we view as especially a time of covenant renewal of tremendous importance. During the evening we kick back, have a time of hymn singing picked by the congregation, a time of prayer together, and a study that is perhaps more like a class than a sermon.

Bi-Monthly Mid-Week Meetings

We also have mid-week meetings. These are casual and provide a good way to get to know one another in the church.