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To Glorify God and Enjoy Him Forever

              Reformed Baptist Church of Northern Colorado

We meet Sunday morning @ 8:45 a.m. 

7493 Old  Mill Trail Boulder, CO 80301

1689Confessional    Gospel Driven     Christ Centered    Family Friendly    Maturing in Love    Reformed Worship     Weekly Communion     Expository Preaching     Liberty of Conscience

Our Leadership

RBCNC is an elder led church, according to the teaching of the New Testament. We have a plurality of elders who oversee the spiritual needs of the congregation. We also have a deaconate who oversee the various physical needs of the body. All have been voted in by the congregation.

Our Elders

RBCNC has four elders of equal standing: Mason Staub, Peter Van Dorn, Stan Campbell, and Douglas Van Dorn is the senior pastor.

Our Deacons

RBCNC has two deacons: Tim Nehrbass and Rick LaJoie.